Where to Park

Parking for St. John's can be found in our parking lot on the corner of Barnwell Ave. and Newberry St. Parking is also available on the perimeter of the building along Newberry St. and Chesterfield St., as well as on Richland Ave. You may also park in the Regions Bank parking lot which has entrances on Chesterfield and Newberry and the SCE & G office parking lot on Barnwell.

Additional parking can be found on Newberry St. across Richland Ave.

There is also a parking lot available around The Faith Center on Chesterfield St. On Sundays this parking is reserved for people with mobility issues. There is a covered drop off location in this parking lot with access to both The Faith Center and the main church building.

Please see maps below, noting they may not be to scale.

Parking Overview

Parking Map 2