Michelle Pearson, SEED Director

Michelle was born in Lansing, Michigan, but has lived in Aiken for most of her life. She and her husband, Barry, have three married children and eight grandchildren. To her, the best aspect of being the Director is watching the children laugh and learn while sharing the love of Jesus Christ with them. She has been on the staff at St. John's since 1995.

Rachel Blair, SEED Administrative Assistant



Mrs. Nikki Ellis and Mrs. Tara Preston teach our Blooms (5K).



Buds (3K)

Mrs. Mary Gail Staubs teaches a 2 day and a 3 day Buds (3K) class along with her classroom aid, Mrs. Angela Vandegrift.

Sprouts (4K)

Mrs. Melissa Patterson and her aid Mrs. Elaine Ray teach our 4/5 day Sprouts (4K) class.

Sprouts (4K)

Mrs. Haley Freeman teaches our 3 day Sprouts (4K) class.

Sprouts (4K)

Mrs. Ashley Whittle and her aid Mrs. Anna Macdonald teach our 5 day Sprouts (4K) class.


Seedlings (PreK Prep)

Mrs. Natalie Jones teaches our 2 day and 3 day Seedlings (Preschool Prep) classes.

Pods (2K)

Ms. Brandi Foster and Mrs. Dixie Hardee are our Pods (2K) teachers.

Pods (Nursery/Toddlers)

Mrs. Rae Felix, Ms. Mary Younts, and Mrs. Lisa Langford teach our PODS nursery/toddlers class.

Music and Arts

Patsy Flowers, Music Teacher

Tracy Patchan, Art