St. John’s Leadership Committees and Teams
St. John’s leadership, like other United Methodist Churches, is structured around the church council and ministry committees. These committees work to plan and implement the ministries of the church. They are comprised of staff and volunteer members of the church.


Church Council

  • Church Council Chair: Ken Brace
  • Church Council Vice Chair: Vaughn Massie
  • Church Council Secretary: Dora Bush
  • Church Council Treasurer: Jean Irwin; Assistant Treasurer: Jan Boore
  • Lay Leader: Dennis Fish
  • United Methodist Women President: Judy Bilyeu
  • United Methodist Men President: Steve Lathrop

Clergy Whose Charge Conference Membership is at St. John’s

  • Tim McClendon, Senior Pastor
  • Tresco Shannon, Program Pastor
  • Butch Blackwell, Nurture Pastor
  • John M. Stapleton
  • Larry Parker
  • Cindy Fuller
  • Jerry Fuller

Church Council Members at Large

  • Carleton Brown
  • Beverly Burch
  • Charlotte Holly
  • Dewayne Jones
  • Bob Mussman
  • Susan Crosby
  • Mark Mikes
  • Vernon Osteen
  • Mitch Rivers
  • Richard Rudisill
  • Elah Wofford
  • Kristin Frederick
  • Troy Overstreet
  • Royal Robbins
  • Kimberly Sawyer
  • Roger Ward
  • Vikki Woody
  • Dave Zimmerman

Church Committee and Team Chairs

  • Staff Pastor Parish Relationships: Tim Dangerfield
  • Finance: Russ Padgett
  • Trustees: Steve Kisner
  • Endowment (Subcommittee of Trustees): Kenny Wiland
  • SEED (Preschool) Board: Jeff Wallace
  • Stewardship: Mike Cowen
  • Nominating: Tim McClendon
  • Missions Leadership Team: Renee Reid
  • Worship Ministry Team: Vince Jones
  • Children’s Ministry Team: Jill Erford
  • Youth Advisory Council: Molly Jones
  • Stephen Ministry Team: Rick Endler
  • Senior Adult Council: Brenda Meeks
  • Connectional Ministry Team: Jim Hartsook
  • Hospitality Team: Rob & Deb Persons
  • Recreation Team: Dean Ray

Lay Member to Annual Conference

2019: Diane Brace

If you’d like to become involved in one of St. John’s many ministries, please contact the church office at 803-648-6891 or by email at