Contemporary Service

Our contemporary service meets at 9:02 AM.  This service is held in The Faith Center and the music is provided by The 9:02 Band.

Traditional Worship

Our traditional services meet at 8:30 and 11:00 AM.  These services are held in the sanctuary.  Music is provided by our Chancel and/or SonRise choirs, typically accompanied by our Schantz organ.

Sermon Videos

12/03/2017 Fidgeting About Christmas

11/12/2017 Papa’s Sofa

10/29/2017 Smart Phone Zombie Laws

11/19/2017 Preppers

11/05/2017 Saints Alive

10/22/2017 Simple Math

Audio of 11:00 Service

12/03/17 Fidgeting About Christmas

11/19/2017 Preppers

11/26/2017 Stir Up the Cooking

11/12/2017 Papa’s Sofa