The United Methodist Church is already responding to the disastrous effect Hurricane Harvey has had on Texas and the surrounding area.  Below you is a link to the South Carolina United Methodist Conference page that can give you full details of our efforts. Here at St. John’s we want to join the cause.  Below you will find two lists UMCOR (United Methodist Church On Relief) have created. One is for a Hygiene/Health Kit and the other is for a Cleaning Kit. Through UMCOR’s experience these items are in the most demand after the wake of a hurricane to assist the local people and clean up efforts. St. John’s will accept completed kits or materials to assemble kits here. Please consider gathering some of these materials and bringing them to church on or before Sunday September 10th. We will take your donations in Ward Hall 1 and our youth will pack/make the kits to be sent to the affected areas.

Cleaning Kit

Hygiene Kit